Shake It Off

You Didn’t Think It Was Going To Be That Easy, Did You? You know, just for a second there, yeah. I kinda did.

Remember my good news last week? Not so good now. Turns out my surgery is going to be delayed because somebody didn’t order the MRI I need beforehand. Which begs questions such as ‘who messed up?’, ‘how the flip heck did I get a surgery date without it?’ and ‘will it go ahead before July?’, because that’s as long as the pre-op is valid.

To say I am furious about this appalling carelessness after three years of waiting quietly and patiently is quite the understatement. I am… really very cross.

A bit more good news though; despite ending last week a small, spitting ball of fury (and despite DPD doing their usual bang up job and failing to deliver on the right day) I managed to acquire and set up a new laptop. After spending the requisite couple of days wrestling it from the grasping clutches of Microsoft, it’s now much easier for me to work on my website. Hurrah!

The first new feature I’ve added, as promised, is a gallery of all my drawings for #the100dayproject. You can find a permanent link in the main menu above. I’m so pleased to have started something I’ve had on a ‘back burner’ for years and I will add more to the gallery as I continue.

This is one of my favourite drawings so far and I thought some of you might be interested to see a few ‘work in progress’ photos:

Would you like to see more work in progress photos, generally? Let me know if you’d find it interesting and I’ll attempt to remember to take some…

This is Marissa Paternoster, who you might know from her bands Screaming Females/Noun or her collaborations with other musicians, including Garbage. Fangirl squeal moment: I shared the finished sketch on Instagram and this happened:

Pleased ‘weasel. Especially as Marissa is an awesome visual artist as well as a brilliant musician.

Bonus Music Video

Anyone who knows me even slightly will have read the title of this entry and skipped straight here to see if I am really a fan of Taylor Swift. Newsflash: I’m not. But I think this is one of the best covers of Anything. Ever.

You should go check out all things Marissa Paternoster, Screaming Females and Noun. Do it now, you can thank me later.


    1. Yep. I was proper fumin’. Luce let me rage, poured me beer and ordered takeout. She even spoke to the appointment booking bloke for me so I wouldn’t end up being banned from the hospital… 🙄

  1. If I had your artistic skills, Sam, I would happily chuck mine out the window 😂 And yes, it beggars belief they would schedule your op before attaining said MRI. It’s sort of like my doctor going ahead and scheduling my op although after a thorough psych eval saying I shouldn’t have the op. Long story. But he isn’t my doctor anymore. And DPD… Don’t get me started 😂😂 Fab blog by the way!

    1. Thank you! I knew it was all going too well… It’s lucky we thought to ring and chase the MRI or I imagine I would have shown up for surgery and been told to go home, which would not have ended well for anyone concerned!

      1. No it wouldn’t have. Clearly they have no idea what having a cross ‘weasel on their hands would be like. I don’t fancy their chances 😁😂

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