Cover Jan 2016
May I introduce Brigadier General Cornelius Muttonchop (Retired), formerly of the Daring #Deerhounds Regiment. He has a jewel-topped cane, brass binoculars, a brass key, a fabric bow tie, real watch parts on his hat and a glass monocle. And something odd is emerging from under the cobblestones... I had such fun making him!
Brigadier General Cornelius Muttonchop (Retired)
Meet Maud, my first female steampunk dog! She wears a mysterious amulet on a bronze chain and carries an antique bronze pistol :)
Lady Belladonna Woofington always carries a bottle of deadly nightshade, just in case... o.O
Lady Belladonna Woofington
Flamenco Dog with bronze fan charm.
Flamenco dog
Dog the builder! Can he fix it? Do you have sausages..?
DIY dog
Tossing pancakes is tricky with paws...
Pancake chef dog
Curly chef dog is making a fruit cake and decorating himself liberally with cake mixture!
Curly blonde chef dog
This little dog has made a cherry pie. And a bit of a mess! :)
Cherry pie baker dog

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