Cover Jan 2016
This little dog has made a cherry pie. And a bit of a mess! :)
Cherry pie baker dog
Curly chef dog is making a fruit cake and decorating himself liberally with cake mixture!
Curly blonde chef dog
Tossing pancakes is tricky with paws...
Pancake chef dog
Dog the builder! Can he fix it? Do you have sausages..?
DIY dog
This little dog has finished his 'weeding' and planted what he wants to grow! Gardening dog with plant pot and silver trowel.
Gardening labrador
What? It was like this when I found it. The earth on my hooter is purely coincidental...
Gardening terrier
"I'm not supposed to chew the tennis ball between points? You cannot be serious!"
Tennis dog
White fisher-dog with Tibetan silver fish charm
White fisher-dog
White fisher-dog with Tibetan silver fish charm
Tan fisher-dog

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