Cover Jan 2016


Pelucchi has so many of my models, he needs his own page!

Pels Models Pels with Models

He keeps a very careful check on them.

Here are the models I have made for Pelucchi. Click on a model to see more photos:

Pirate front Valentine Pels 7 Pels Reading 3 Pels Chef 1 Alpaca Pels front 2

Pelucchi belongs to my friend Zoe, who adopted him in 2010 after he was born with a deformed left front leg. As he grew, his leg became very painful and he struggled to get around so when he was 6 months old the decision was made to amputate.  Since then he has gone from strength to strength! He has passed his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, he is keen on agility and has done several sponsored walkies for charity. I love this little chap and he is one of my best customers. You can follow his adventures on his Facebook page.