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My name is Sam Collett. I make models and draw things. Sometimes I paint. I love animals, especially dogs.


I studied at the Central School of Art & Design (which has since become Central St Martins), then awful grown up stuff happened and I found myself driving around the country selling various things, including books and music and wine and some less fun things, to people.


In 2001 my wife, Luce, and I moved out of London to rural Shropshire where we settled down with various rescue dogs and a vegetable patch. In 2012 I finally gave up the day job to make a living as a freelance artist.


When I am not being all arty-farty I will probably be reading a book, or at a gig, or playing music too loud, or watching a horror film, or involved in some sort of nerdy gaming activity. If it is the weekend I might well have a glass of wine in my hand while I do any or all of these things.


Luce built the website using the great system at  We do everything ourselves - a real DIY small business. Thank you so much to all our fabulous customers!

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